Rheumatic disease in children

When a child is diagnosed with a rheumatic disease it is a confusing and worrying time for parents and children. Below please see links to good online resources to help you and your child through this time. Read through and bring questions along to your appointment. In addition, basic  brief information is given below. 

Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis

JIA is a arthritis that starts in children and young people. There are 6 subtypes, each with different therapy. It is important that your child is diagnosed and offered the correct therapy so that they can lead a normal, active, pain free life. Please see the links above for more detailed information about JIA and the medications that we use.

Juvenile systemic lupus erythematosus (jSLE)

jSLE is an immune disease where your immune system attacks different parts of your body. jSLE is difficult to diagnose and needs careful, specialist care. Please see links above for more information about jSLE and the medications we use.

Other rheumatic conditions

Paediatric Rheumatologists care for children with many other rarer diseases, such as juvenile myositis, vasculitis, and fever syndromes. Please see the links above for detailed information about these diseases. 


A new diagnosis of a rheumatic disease can be a scary and lonely time. There are many other parents and young people who have been through this and can offer advice and resources. Please see links below. 


Children and young people with rheumatic diseases need specialist care and support. Diagnosis is often difficult and delayed. We need to increase awareness of these diseases in order to improve the care of these young people. 


The doctors at Cape Paediatric Rheumatology are passionate about creating an age appropriate, child and young person centred facility where the best care can be delivered to children and families affected by paediatric rheumatic diseases in Cape Town.